• Eaton’s Neck is a peninsula on the North Shore of Long Island surrounded by the waters of Long Island Sound, Duck Island Harbor and Huntington and Northport Bays.
  • The Corporation shares “The Neck” with the Property Owners of Eatons Neck Beach (POENB), the Village of Asharoken, a private estate previously owned by Henry Sturgis Morgan, the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department (ENFD) and a US Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse. On the western end of Eaton’s Neck is Hobart Beach/Sarah H. Ruppert Water Bird Park Preserve, a public beach and bird sanctuary owned and maintained by the Town of Huntington.
  • Although Europeans have been present on Eaton’s Neck since the 1600’s, the greatest growth occurred in the 20th century; especially after World War II. Many families were drawn to the area by its natural beauty, proximity to the water, large building lots, and a lack of retail establishments.
  • The historical documents included in this section give a fuller description of the history of both Eaton’s Neck and the Corporation. The pamphlet written in 1956 by Miss Mary Voyse provides a snapshot of life on Eaton’s Neck through the 1950’s. A Brief History of the Eaton Harbors Corporation, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Corporation, prepared by Edward A.T. Carr, provides a historical and pictorial record of the EHC through 2002.

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