Monthly Meeting Thursday, March 17th, 2016 @ 8:00 p.m. Eatons Neck Firehouse.

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IMPORTANT: The ACOE and NYSDEC will give a presentation on the

                                                     Asharoken Storm Damage Reduction Project draft report.

                                Army Corp of Engineers / NYS DEC Presentation and Public Meeting  

                                 Wednesday, December 9, 2015 – 6:30pm -10pm

                                 Northport HS – Large Cafeteria - Laurel Hill & Elwood Rd

                                 Click Here Mapquest Directions to Northport HS

                                 Click Here for a copy of the meeting agenda


            Listed below are links to the studies provided by The Village of Asharoken :


Written and emailed comments on the Draft Feasibility Report can be submitted to:


Howard Ruben

New York District Corps of Engineers

Room 2131

26 Federal Plaza

New York, NY 10278-0090



NEXT Board meeting will be on March 17th. 2016 -  (There will be no January or February meeting)

Today's Tides

2/13/2016Sat2:32 AMHigh8.6262
2/13/2016Sat9:00 AMLow-1-30
2/13/2016Sat2:59 PMHigh7.8238
2/13/2016Sat9:19 PMLow-0.8-24
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Messages from the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department By Rich Baer

The number to call in case of a fire or medical emergency is
757 5700!
Do not hesitate to call. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Trained volunteers will respond to your call for help.

In the event of an emergency, especially fire, call 757 5700. The latest Underwriter Laboratory study reveals that in 2015 the time to escape a burning structure is three minutes as opposed to 17 minutes 30 years ago! This emphasizes the need for working smoke alarms as well as new wireless, smart alarms which can be configured to send an alarm directly to the fire house, resulting in a quicker response by the fire department. To learn more about how fires have changed, visit

 There has been a life saving addition to the equipment available to the department's emergency rescue squad. That addition is a LUCAS II  Chest Compression System. The LUCAS II chest compression system is designed to deliver uninterrupted compressions at a consistent rate and depth to facilitate ROSC ( return of spontaneous circulation) The LUCAS is a light weight life saver in cardiac arrest situations. It replaces manual compressions by EMTs and delivers compressions at the scene of the emergency, on the pram while the patient is moved to th ambulance and during transport to the hospital. The model that the fire department has placed in service has a battery life which will enable the cardiac patient to be transported to the hospital without interruption of compressions.

 The compressions delivered by this portable, easy to use device delivers automated, guidelines-consistent chest compressions to improve blood flow in victims of cardiac arrest. By comparison, the effectiveness of manual compressions can drop rapidly-often after only one minute- due to rescuer fatigue. With LUCAS, automated compressions are delivered consistently and continuously during transport and throughout the hospital. The LUCAS is a very important addition to the medical abilities of the Eaton's Neck Fire Department rescue squad!

 The positive addition of the LUCAS is balanced by the continuing need for additional members to the fire department. Chief Paul Boronow continues to lead a recruiting effort for new members. The need for additional members is critical and ongoing. Members of the fire department contribute to the community of Eaton's Neck by volunteering to help residents in need. Membership is rewarding and is the closest example of "Charity begins at home". For information about how you can play a role in helping neighbors, please call First Assistant Chief Rich Rizzuti at 261-4910. Thank you

 The members of the department thank all those residents who supported the recent Fund drive. Thank you very much!  All the members of the department wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.


Yours for fire safety,  Rich Baer



NYS DEC Deer Management Presentation

   Josh Stiller from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation gave a one plus hour deer management presentation at the Eaton's Neck Fire Department on January 15th, 2015. The video is divided into five - fifteen minute segments and can be view using the following links.teen minute segments and can be view using the following links.  

NYS DEC Videos Part 1
NYS DEC Videos Part 2
NYS DEC Videos Part 3
NYS DEC Videos Part 4
NYS DEC Videos Part 5


Attention Shareholders:

          Your cooperation and assistance is needed. Motor vehicles including golf carts or quads are not permited on the grass at the beach. Please instruct household members and guests not to ride on the grass.   


                  Thank you,

         EHC Board of Directors


Date Type Time  Venue Description Notes
2/18/2016Corp 8:00 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck Rd Monthly Board Meeting Open to shareholders
3/17/2016Corp 8:00 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck Rd Monthly Board Meeting Open to shareholders


Shell Fish Notice

Shellfish Update --

For more information, see the DEC link at