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Deer Issue

          After contacting the both the Town of Huntington and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, both have agreed to meet with the community to discuss the deer nuisance situation on Eaton's Neck.

          The NYS DEC representative responded to our inquiries indicating the State wide hunting season for the deer started on October 1 and is scheduled to end on December 31. Considering the increased deer population they may extend the season to January 31.The DEC did warn however, while they have no issue with culling the herds, local towns and villages may have restrictions on how to accomplish the task.  In our case the Town of Huntington Code does not permit the discharge of a firearm within its limits. Unfortunately, the Town considers a crossbow as well as a bow and arrow a "firearm". 


              A meeting with the Town is tentatively scheduled for some time in November with a meeting with the State DEC tentatively scheduled for some time in December. We will inform you once the town and state have firm meeting dates. Registered users will receive an email notification.   Click Here To Register


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The Town of Huntington ordinance,
passed this April, reads:

The owner of property in the Town of Huntington having running Bamboo located upon it is responsible for either removing the Bamboo or taking reasonable measures to confine the bamboo to their own property and to prevent the encroachment, spread, invasion or intrusion of Bamboo onto adjoining or neighboring properties. Residents have the benefit of a six month moratorium to clear and/or contain their bamboo before any penalty provisions begin.

Attention Shareholders:

          Your cooperation and assistance is needed. Motor vehicles including golf carts or quads are not permited on the grass at the beach. Please instruct household members and guests not to ride on the grass.   


                  Thank you,

         EHC Board of Directors




Shell Fish Notice

Shellfish Update --

For more information, see the DEC link at