2019-2020 Election & Buget Vote Results

With 667 of the 1,174 shares outstanding shares present in person and via proxy,
a quorum was attained. Here are the results of the vote.

  Budget Vote Shares Voted  
  Accept 466  
Reject 158  
  Abstain 43  
  Direct Candidate Voted  
  Edward Carr 837 Elected
  Michael Denny 738 Elected
  Ken Kraska 630 Elected
  Donna Martino 623 Elected
  Joseph DeRosa 607 Elected
  Tom D'Antonio 571 Elected
  Douglas Whitcomb 534 Elected
  Tor Vincent 35  
  Margaret Law 28  
  Scott Hartinger 9  
  Alda Hershenhorn 5  
  Keith Kebe 4  

Beach Gate Fully Functional
Attention Shareholders -
Please remember your electronic key cards when visiting the beach.

Beach Projects

A number of projects have been slated for the beach and include -
      - New Playset for Children (Completed 8/8/2018)
      - Repaving of Parking Area (Completed 10/16/2018)
      - Water  (RPZ Installed - Completed 9/24/2018 )
      - Grading (Completed Week of 9/17/18)
      - Irrigation (Completed Week of 9/17)
      - Seeding (Completed Week of 9/24)

      - Picnic Tables / BBQ Replacements (Spring)
      - Sea Wall Repairs

 Click Here  to view the preliminary plan.

To access community input, in November the Board provided the shareholders with a survey card.
                     Click Here  to View responses to the Survey Cards

Watercraft Registration

All watercraft stored at the beach must be registered. If you would like to store your watercraft at the beach please register. There is no cost, just a simple registration CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION .

Any item left without a proper registration sticker will be considered abandon and may be removed or discarded.
Watercraft Registration Sticker

Important Information Regarding Ticks

A rare, tick-borne called the Powassan virus has made its way to New York State. Like Lyme, this virus is also transmitted via ticks.

Today's Tides

6/26/2019Wed12:53:00 AMLow1.1736
6/26/2019Wed6:42:00 AMHigh6.55200
6/26/2019Wed1:05:00 PMLow1.1435
6/26/2019Wed7:10:00 PMHigh7.22220
Click Here For More Tide Info


Date Type Time  Venue Description Notes
8/3/2019Community3:00 PM Beach / SluiceAnnual Bratfest